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javascript - comparing values in an array of objects with a response array of objects

I'm building a small app where you add up to 10 items into a "bag".

Once an item is added to a bag, it is added into a

bag []
. Each item has an

However, I get the items from an API call, so when I get items, I want to ensure that if I have already added an item to bag, it doesn't mess with the bag state.

Here's what I'm doing when I receive items from the API: => {
i.inBag: false

However, this will reset the
even if I've added an item into my bag. When an item is added into a bag, the
flips to true. But next time the API call is made, it will reset to

How can I ensure that when I receive something from the API, that I also check whether the
exists in an item in

I'm afraid it will be too slow if I do it by comparing in each iteration, so I'm wondering if there is a better way.


Answer Source

Try this;

If bag is not array of object

    //write code to insert item into bag[]

If bag is array of object

    //write code to insert item into bag[]
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