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turn off SQL logging while keeping settings.DEBUG?

Django logs SQL operations to an internal buffer (whether logging to file or not) when settings.DEBUG=True. Because I have long-running process that does a lot of DB operations, this causes my development-mode instances of the program to grow in memory consumption very quickly.

I would like to disable the internal SQL logging mechanism while leaving settings.DEBUG turned on for my development: is this possible?

Django version 1.3.0.

Answer Source

When settings.DEBUG is True, Django uses CursorDebugWrapper instead of CursorWrapper. This is what appends the queries to connection.queries and consumes memory. I would monkey-patch the connection wrapper to always use CursorWrapper:

from django.conf import settings
from django.db.backends import BaseDatabaseWrapper
from django.db.backends.util import CursorWrapper

if settings.DEBUG:
    BaseDatabaseWrapper.make_debug_cursor = lambda self, cursor: CursorWrapper(cursor, self)

Disabling logging like others suggest won't fix the problem, because CursorDebugWrapper still stores the queries in connection.queries even if logging is off.

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