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Triangle with height linked to data in R

My Dataset

enter image description here

My Requirement

enter image description here

Basically, I need a simple triangle chart where the height is the value in No column and Group Name in box. The width can be of any size. If we can have different colors for different sets it will be great.

I am new to R, and have tried

pascal triangle
and others, but no success.

Also, in R Studio this should be as a plot visual not in viewer visual.

Answer Source

I could not find a good package for this, but I was able to make the plot. Sorry, I don't use R Studio, so I'm not sure what your last point means.

plot.pyramid <- function(df, hspace=2, colours=NA){

    n <- nrow(df) #number of observations

    #i don't know what you want to do with colors
    if(any( colours <- rep('blue', n) 
    if(length(colours)<n) colours <- rep(colours,n)[1:n]

    cum.height <- cumsum(df$no) #cumulative height. y coordinates in plot

    max.cum.height <- max(cum.height) #max height of the graph

    center <- max(cum.height)/2 #where to center the x values

    #there are 2 y values per point to make the horizontal segments
    y <- max.cum.height - rep(cum.height,2) 
    x <- c(center-cum.height/2, center + cum.height/2) #horizontal segments are same size as height, centered

    x <- c(x, center) #add x-coord for tip
    y <- c(y, max.cum.height) #add y-coord for tip

    reorder <- order(y) #reorder points for convenience in 'for loop' below

    y <- y[reorder]
    x <- x[reorder]

    plot(x,y,'n', xaxt='n', yaxt='n', ann = FALSE) #creates blank plot of correct size

    for(i in 0:(n-1) ){

        if(i != n-1) #if not tip
            xcoords <- x[i*2+1:4][c(1,3,4,2)] #reorder the points slightly to get a trapezoid fill
            ycoords <- y[i*2+1:4][c(1,3,4,2)]
            #add the space between the trapezoids
            ycoords[ycoords==min(ycoords)] <- ycoords[ycoords==min(ycoords)] + hspace
            xcoords <- x[i*2+1:3] #triangle only has 3 points
            ycoords <- y[i*2+1:3]
            ycoords <- ycoords + hspace

        polygon(xcoords,ycoords,col=colours[i+1])  #plot points and fill
        text(mean(xcoords), mean(ycoords), cex=.8, paste(df$group[n-i], df$no[n-i]) ) #add text


df <- data.frame(group=c(paste0('Group-',seq(5))), no=c(5,25,36,40,50))
colours <- c('blue','green','blue','gray','green')
plot.pyramid(df, 2, colours)

enter image description here

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