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PHP Question

How do I catch the request url / domain in my REST api?

This may have a simple answer (and I hope it does) but looking online I only found examples of how to get the current URL/Domain. No where could I find how to get that of the incoming http requst.

My set up is a REST api that handles the typical GET/POST/DELETE/PUT requests. I have to return domain information for clients about the domain they're pulling from. Hence, if a client using my CMS clicks on info, he must receive info about the domain he is logged into (and thus sending the request from).

I chose not to add code here, seeing as my question pertains less to actual code as it does to methodology. Thanks in advance for any and all answers!

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In Internet every address could be faked (VPN, proxies etc). It's one of fundamental principles of the network.

You will never could detect with 100% warranty, so the maximum what You could have is $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] and $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'].

You could make additional verification for it's existence before to save/process it, but it could cost some additional performance of Your server.

If Your aim is to provide some additional access rules to some methods / data, You should use an other verification mechanism (tokens, passwords etc).

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