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HTML Question

how to get selected row value on the next page using jquery?php

I want to get selected

id on the next page.I want when i clcik on
then selected row id show in next page.Remember next window tab will open.
Here is my jquery function.Its getting
var when i click on row but i don't know ho to get this id on next page.But i want that ,first i select row then i click on button then
show on next tab window.Thanks
enter image description here

and here is my
function :

$("#maintable tr").click(function(){
if ($(this).hasClass("selected")){
var value=$(this).find('td:first').html();

Answer Source

In a comment you say:

I try this window.open('http://localhost/new/old.php') this will move to next page

In that case you'd simply add value as a query string parameter. For example:

window.open('http://localhost/new/old.php?id=' + value);

If value might contain more complex character data, you may want to URL-encode it:

window.open('http://localhost/new/old.php?id=' + encodeURIComponent(value));
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