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Easiest way to develop/debug a Windows service

I'm developing a Windows Service in VB.NET 2008, but I feel like I'm going to have an aneurysm. To debug the service, I've added a 15 second wait to the initialization code, which gives me time to start the service and attach the .NET debugger before anything happens, so I can hit breakpoints and such. I really miss "integrated" debugging with this type of workaround, and testing seems to be a huge pain.

What's the best way to do "regular" debugging of a Windows Service that's in development? One option I'd considered was moving all of my logic to a DLL project, leaving only control logic in the service itself, and then creating a Forms project that essentially just had "start" and "stop" buttons on it, and called into the DLL to do everything else. This way, I can debug my code normally, and then just deploy the compiled service when the DLLs are ready.

Does this make sense/annoy others? I'm open to any workarounds available. PB's suggestion here sounds like what I'm asking - has anybody used this approach?

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