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xCode 8 - Missing Files warnings

Ever since upgrading to Xcode 8 using Swift 2.3
I have several missing files warnings. They are all related to pods that I am using.

The files that are missing are


How do I fix this issue? The pods that are showing missing files are

  • Realm (~38 of 43)

  • TextFieldEffects (~3 of 43)

  • BEMCheckBox (2 of 43)

How do I fix this?

Answer Source

How about commit in Source Control.

You may firstly have to show Packet Contents of "your project name".xcodeproj and show Packet Contents of project.xcworkspace and then delete the xcuserdata folder.

If you still cannot commit because of Couldn't communicate with a helper application problem then under your project directory try the following:

xcrun git config "Your Name"
xcrun git config YourEmailAddress

*Remember to reopen the project to see the effect.

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