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Organizing my first iOS app's UI

I'm making an app for my Independent Study, and I have a UI functionality in mind - I just don't know how I would go about implementing it.

It's very simple in theory.

I want to have an initial view that fills the screen. When the user swipes up from the lower middle part of the screen, I want to do something that acts similar to control center, but for it to be a view that allows for me to choose between each of the 7 days in the upcoming week, displayed as icons with tags, and the user can swipe through them similar to how one swipes through the pages of apps on the home screen.

Similar to control center, the view should animate by sliding in from down to up, take up only part of the screen (In my case, about 1/5 of the screen as opposed to control center taking up more than 1/2) and the view behind it should of course remain running.

I am a beginner with iOS trying to get on my feet.

My question really boils down to this: I am unsure of what View class to use in interface builder for this, and whether or not this requires a segue/new view controller.

My initial thought was to drag and drop a View into the top level view, set its boundaries to how I want it to end up, then set it to hidden until I handle a swipe up, at which point it animates by sliding up.

I have done my best to describe my question but I am willing to clarify further if needed.

Answer Source

You can use 2 scenes in storyboard. one is main view. 2nd one is the control panel design as u like. u can detect user calling it by using swipegesturerecognizer. And call the segue to that control panel scene.

on the control panel scene, you should set the bg to clear color, and add another UIVIew on it with black color alpha 0.5. then to present it above the main view, use modal presentation.

On the control panel viewcontroller in storyboard, make sure you select Presentation property to "Over CUrrent Context".

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