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Using groovy script HttpBuilder request object, i need to validate the AEM node existence in JCR via http calls

Using groovy script, i am using HTTPBuilder request object: i need to check whether the AEM Parent node exist and create.

I am using this CLI script to create nodes while migrating contents from XML. In the XML file i have a field which contains the full path of the parent node. I need to verify whether that node exist or not. If not i need to create that node. Kindly suggest.

Answer Source

Since you are using groovy and httpbuilder module, you could simply check if a Http GET on the complete resource path url with a json extention returns a HTTP 200 or a HTTP 404. HTTP 200 means the resource exists, 404 means the node does not exist.

Following is an simple example to determine if a JCR node exists or not. Kindly note that the code below does not create a missing node and is for illustration purpose only.


import static

HTTPBuilder local = new HTTPBuilder("http://localhost:4502")
local.auth.basic("<USERNAME>", "<PASSWORD>")

def getStatus = {
    resourcePath ->
        try {
                    path: resourcePath + ".json",
                    contentType: JSON
            ) {
                resp, reader ->
                    return resp.status
        } catch (HttpResponseException httpResponseException) {
            return httpResponseException.statusCode

def nodePath = '/content/geometrixx-outdoors/en/men'
def httpNodeStatus = getStatus(nodePath);
if (httpNodeStatus == 404) {
    println('node : ' + nodePath + ' does not exist. creating node')
    // Code to create node
} else if (httpNodeStatus == 200) {
    println('node : ' + nodePath + ' exists')
    // Node exists
} else {
    println('HTTP Status for node : ' + httpNodeStatus)
    // handle other response codes
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