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C# Question

PlayerPrefs Not working

Hey so im trying out unitys Playerprefs method and some how it wont save coins and when i close and exit the game it wont save it...

public Text CoinsText;
public int Coins;
public int clicks;

void Start()
PlayerPrefs.GetInt("Coins", Coins);
void Update()
CoinsText.text = "Memes: " + Coins;
if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0))
PlayerPrefs.SetInt("Coins", Coins);
Coins += clicks;



Answer Source

You're never assigning to your Coins.

Try this in your Start():

Coins = PlayerPrefs.GetInt("Coins");

Note that the second value is only in case there wouldn't be a value saved.

public static int GetInt(string key, int defaultValue = 0);

Also, don't forget to Save all values before closing the program with:

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