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C# Question

Atomic read and delete from Redis using StackExchange.Redis

Is there an easy way to atomically read a value and then delete it from Redis using StackExchange c# driver?

I am buffering items in Redis and when they reach a certain threshold I retrieve them, but I also want to flush my buffer.
I need to mention that I store items in a list and by "flushing the buffer" I mean I want to delete the list.

"key" : [list of items]

Answer Source

You can create a transaction and do the GET/DEL atomically, like this:

var db = connectionMultiplexer.GetDatabase();
var tran = db.CreateTransaction();
var getResult = tran.StringGetAsync(key);
var value = getResult.Result;

This will send the following commands to Redis:

GET "key"
DEL "key"
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