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Periodic call in android every 90 seconds, even when app is closed

The requirement is to record the position every 90 seconds and write it to database(sqlite) and if network is available then call an api, even if the app is closed.
Which will be the best possible way to achieve this?
Should I start an intent service? Or I should go with an alarm Manager. I have read somewhere that alarm manager should only be used if the duration is more than 10 minutes.

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I suggest to use AlarmManager since it can be run even Device is asleep. Note that, for API v > 19, the alarm delivery is inexact and you have to use setExact api to achieve that . See

Note: Beginning in API 19, the trigger time passed to this method is treated as inexact: the alarm will not be delivered before this time, but may be deferred and delivered some time later. The OS will use this policy in order to "batch" alarms together across the entire system, minimizing the number of times the device needs to "wake up" and minimizing battery use. In general, alarms scheduled in the near future will not be deferred as long as alarms scheduled far in the future. With the new batching policy, delivery ordering guarantees are not as strong as they were previously. If the application sets multiple alarms, it is possible that these alarms' actual delivery ordering may not match the order of their requested delivery times. If your application has strong ordering requirements there are other APIs that you can use to get the necessary behavior; see setWindow(int, long, long, PendingIntent) and setExact(int, long, PendingIntent).