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Why do you need to put #!/bin/bash at the beginning of a script file?

I have made Bash scripts before and they all ran fine without this at the beginning. What's the point of putting it in? Would things be any different?

Also, how do you pronounce

? I know that
is pronounced as "bang."

How is

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It's a convention so the *nix shell knows what kind of interpreter to run.

For example, older flavors of ATT defaulted to "sh" (the Bourne shell), while older versions of BSD defaulted to "csh" (the C shell).

Even today (where most systems run "bash", the "Bourne Again Shell"), scripts can be in bash, python, perl, ruby, PHP, etc, etc. For example, you might see "!/bin/perl" or "/bin/perl5".

PS: The exclamation mark ("!") is affectionately called "bang". The shell comment symbol ("#") is sometimes called "hash".

PPS: Remember - under *nix, associating a suffix with a file type is merely a convention, not a "rule". An "executable" can be a binary program, any one of a million script types and other things as well. Hence the need for "#!/bin/bash".

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