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How to provide user name and password when connecting to a network share

When connecting to a network share for which the current user (in my case, a network enabled service user) has no rights, name and password have to be provided.

I know how to do this with Win32 functions (the

family from
), but would like to do it with .Net (2.0) functionality.

What options are available?

Maybe some more information helps:

  • The use case is a windows service, not an Asp.Net application.

  • The service is running under an account which has no rights on the share.

  • The user account needed for the share is not known on the client side.

  • Client and server are not members of the same domain.

Answer Source

You can either change the thread identity, or P/Invoke WNetAddConnection2. I prefer the latter, as I sometimes need to maintain multiple credentials for different locations. I wrap it into an IDisposable and call WNetCancelConnection2 to remove the creds afterwards (avoiding the multiple usernames error):

using (new NetworkConnection(@"\\server\read", readCredentials))
using (new NetworkConnection(@"\\server2\write", writeCredentials)) {
   File.Copy(@"\\server\read\file", @"\\server2\write\file");
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