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Pythonic way to combine two lists in an alternating fashion?

I have two lists, the first of which is guaranteed to contain exactly one more item than the second. I would like to know the most Pythonic way to create a new list whose even-index values come from the first list and whose odd-index values come from the second list.

# example inputs
list1 = ['f', 'o', 'o']
list2 = ['hello', 'world']

# desired output
['f', 'hello', 'o', 'world', 'o']

This works, but isn't pretty:

list3 = []
while True:
except IndexError:

How else can this be achieved? What's the most Pythonic approach?

Answer Source

Here's one way to do it by slicing:

>>> list1 = ['f', 'o', 'o']
>>> list2 = ['hello', 'world']
>>> result = [None]*(len(list1)+len(list2))
>>> result[::2] = list1
>>> result[1::2] = list2
>>> result
['f', 'hello', 'o', 'world', 'o']
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