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Python Question

How to extract number from text in python?

I have the string listed below

str = ['"Consumers_Of_Product": {"count": 13115}']

How can I extract the number 13115 as it will change, so that it will always equal var. In other words how do i extract this number from this string?

Please help, most things I've done previously have not worked and I think that is due to the syntax. I need a solution asap. (BTW I'm running Python 2.7)

Thanks, Anthony


If you just want to extract that number, provided there are no other numbers in that string, you can use regex. I renamed str to be s for the reason mentioned in @TigerhawkT3 answer.

import re
s = ['"Consumers_Of_Product": {"count": 13115}']
num = re.findall('\d+', s[0])