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Get the angle from a rotated matrix using glm?

I want to know how to get the angle from a rotated matrix, how do I calculate that? I am using glm c++.

For example
how do I get the angle from this matrix using c++?

[ 0 ][ 0 ][1][0]
[ x ][ y ][z][1]

Answer Source

This looks like an identity matrix that was rotated around Z axis. If that's always the case, you can get the angle back by applying glm::atan function on the first two elements of the first column:

float get_angle_in_rad(const glm::mat4 &matrix) {
    return glm::atan(matrix[0][1], matrix[0][0]);

See Rotation matrix for explanation.

Note that if the matrix represents more complicated tranformation than just rotation around Z axis, the value returned by this function will be bogus. Depending on your usecase you may want to keep the euler rotation angles separately, in addition to the transformation matrix.

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