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Swift Question

No such Module IQKeyboardManagerSwift

enter image description hereI am new to

and trying to install this framework.

I have installed this framework by
cocoa pods
and add this line in app delegate

import IQKeyboardManagerSwift & IQKeyboardManager.sharedManager().enable = true

I am now getting this error (

No such Module IQKeyboardManagerSwift)

Can anyone please help me?

Answer Source

First check the swift and Xcode version that you are using and if that version support the pod file you are using

Swift 2.2 (Xcode 7.3) Use:-

pod 'IQKeyboardManagerSwift'


pod 'IQKeyboardManagerSwift', '4.0.3'

For Swift 2.1.1 (Xcode 7.2) Use :-

pod 'IQKeyboardManagerSwift', '4.0.0'

For Swift 2.0 (Xcode 7.0) Use :-

pod 'IQKeyboardManagerSwift', ''

I had similar problem , turns out i had two Cocoapods instances installed, This is a Cocoapods issue not an Xcode one (in my case it was').

All i needed to do was uninstall my cocoapod and reinstall it This worked for me...

Once you are done reinstalling go to your pod file add pods according to the version of swift and Xcode you are using and then run pod install

PS: Cocoapods REPO is nearly 350MB, so if your download is stuck don't just quit Terminal and start reinstalling again first uninstall Cocoapods and old master repo both completely, then start installing again ... this is probably what caused two instances of it in my case

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