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PHP Question

If not variable condition is not working

I'm trying to check whether the variable value is false or true, here is my code

$print_ready_flag = $_GET['print_ready']; // i'm passing it as either true or false

echo $print_ready_flag ; // I'm getting correct value

What i'm trying to do is,

if ($print_ready_flag == false) {
file_name = "albumpdf_" . $Order['products_name'] . "_" . $OrderId . "_" . $OrderPId . ".pdf";

when doing like above expression is evaluating, But when i tried

if (!$print_ready_flag) {,

if (!(bool)$print_ready_flag)

. expression is not evaluating. Is there any way to evaluate the expression with out using comparison operator.


Well your all conditions are looks fine. you must need to add php `error_reporting() in your code, this will help you to find syntax and warnings.

You have a typo here:

// missing $ sign
file_name = "albumpdf_" . $Order['products_name'] . "_" . $OrderId . "_" . $OrderPId . ".pdf"; 

And its better to use print_ready=0 instead of print_ready=false for $_GET. Otherwise, you must need to check with === for value+dataType