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The Firebase crash reporting on iOS not send the report after the crash

I have configured the Firebase Crash Reporting. When I test it with code:


The report was sending.

When I use the next code for the test crash the app:

NSArray *array = @[@(123),@(312)];

The report is not sending. I'm confused(

All code adds into AppDelegate after the

[FIRApp configure];

Answer Source

I tested this scenario and it worked fine for me. let me explain it in to steps.

Step 1:

NSArray *array = @[@(123),@(312)];

add the code in application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions function and after that build the application. It will crash for shower.

Step 2: Stop the application and open the simulator and run the application from the simulator not from Xcode.

Step 3:

// NSArray *array = @[@(123),@(312)];
   // array[5];

comment the code which is causing the crash and run it from the Xcode.

if all work well then this message well shown "Firebase Crash Reporting: Crash successfully uploaded" in the console of Xcode.

Hope it help :) Sorry for bad English. let me know if there is any problem in it.

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