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Java graphics performance

I was programming a simple game and wanted to display it via the Java Graphics + Swing API. It felt a little slow, of course, so I measured how long it took to repaint, which was around 32ms. Then I read about accelerated Java graphics and used the method described here: Space Invaders

However, somehow this is even slower. It now takes around 98ms to redraw. Why is that?

Note that I am aware of libraries like LWGL and JOGL, but I don't want to use a full-blown OpenGL wrapper for such a graphically simple game.

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  1. Read this about timers
  2. Use an always sleeping thread in the background to lower the system interrupt rate to get much more precise timers!
  3. You can take a look at my code in here
  4. A small game I've created can be found here

    long renderStart = System.nanoTime()
    // render stuff here
    long renderTime = (System.nanoTime() - renderStart) / 1000000;
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