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CSS Question

Separators For Navigation

I need to add separators between elements of navigation. Separators are images.

Separators between elements.

My HTML structure is like: ol>li>a>img.

Here I come to two possible solutions:

  1. To add more li tags for separation (boo!),

  2. Include separator in image of each element (this is better, but it makes possibility that user may click on, example, "Home", but get to "Services", because they are one behind the other and user may accidentally click on separator that belongs to "Services");

What to do?

Answer Source

Simply use the separator image as a background image on the li.

To get it to only appear in between list items, position the image to the left of the li, but not on the first one.

For example:

#nav li + li {
    background:url('seperator.gif') no-repeat top left;
    padding-left: 10px

This CSS adds the image to every list item that follows another list item - in other words all of them but the first.

NB. Be aware the adjacent selector (li + li) doesn't work in IE6, so you will have to just add the background image to the conventional li (with a conditional stylesheet) and perhaps apply a negative margin to one of the edges.

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