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ASP.NET (C#) Question

ASP.NET pages not loading on IIS8 (Windows Server 2012)

I am trying to set up my Windows Server 2012 to run an ASP.NET website. The website can serve html pages and .svc pages, but whenever I visit an .aspx page, it will simply time out.


If I would at least get some sort of error description, I could go from there, but I just get a timeout message, as if the server is completely unavailable, so I am stuck with this problem.

It seems the aspx pages are not loaded at all, since I've already tried drastic measures such as putting a "throw Exception" in the first line of Page_Load.

If I create a new site and put just an aspx page in there, it executes fine.

The Event Log is not showing anything in relation to this.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Creating a new web site in IIS8 and pointing to the same folder made it work. Now the site is working fine and running code as normal.

My guess is, that if I created the website before installing all needed features, they were not part of that site. Now, after installing a new site, it contains all the current features.

It doesn't make TOO much sense, though, as the server had ASP.NET 4.5 from installation (it's Windows Server 2012).

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