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Android Question

How to get the width and height of an Image View in android?

In my code I have an

Image View
in my XML layout and I keep changing the source image for this in my code. Now I want to know the width and height of the generated image each time.

I tried using
, but they all return 0.

How can I get this?

Answer Source

Where you calling getWidth() and getHeight() on ImageView? If you calling from onCreate() in activity, it won't work. You need to wait for activity window to attached and then call getWidth() and getHeight() on ImageView. You can try calling getWidth() and getHeight() from onWindowFocusChanged() method of your activity.

public void onWindowFocusChanged(boolean hasFocus){
    int width=imageView.getWidth();
    int height=imageView.getHeight();
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