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Mockito when method not working

I am using mockito as mocking framework. I have a scenerio here, my when(abc.method()).thenReturn(value) does not return value, instead it returns null.

public class DQExecWorkflowServiceImplTest {
DQExecWorkflowServiceImpl dqExecWorkflowServiceImpl = new DQExecWorkflowServiceImpl();
private DQUtility dqUtility;
private DqExec dqExec;
private DqCntlDefn dqCntlDefn;
private DqCntlWfDefn dqCntlWfDefn;
private DqCntlWfDefnTyp dqCntlWfDefnTyp;
private IDQControlWfDefTypeService controlWfDefTypeService;

public void setUp() throws Exception {
dqExec = new DqExec();
dqCntlWfDefn = new DqCntlWfDefn();
dqUtility = new DQUtility();
dqCntlWfDefnTyp = new DqCntlWfDefnTyp();


public void testExecuteWorkflow() {
dqExecWorkflowServiceImpl.executeWorkflow(dqExec, dqCntlWfDefn);


Java class

public DqCntlWfExec executeWorkflow(final DqExec dqExec,
final DqCntlWfDefn dqCntlWfDefn) {
final DqCntlWfExec dqCntlWfExec = new DqCntlWfExec();

final DqCntlWfDefnTyp dqCntlWfDefnTyp = controlWfDefTypeService
String workflowType = null;
workflowType = dqCntlWfDefnTyp.getDqCntlWfDefnTypCd();

When ever i run the test file the when is not working and i am using mockito1.8.5 jar in the buildpath. The service call is being mocked but returns the null value.

final DqCntlWfDefnTyp dqCntlWfDefnTyp = controlWfDefTypeService

This object dqCntlWfDefnTyp is null

I have done this before and there was no problem with the when, It seems to be working with files i have done before. I had followed the same procedure for the test file but i couldnt figure out the issue. Can anyone please assist me

Thanks to all the folks in advance

Answer Source

Mockito mock works when we mock the objects loosely.

Here is the change i have made to make it work:


Instead of passing the object of the Mock class, I passed the class with the Matcher any() and it works.

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