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Bus Error when writing to mmaped data

When I first made this project last semester, the code worked fine. Now I get a bus error when the mmapped memory to share between processes is being written to and I'm not sure why it is not working anymore.

Account_Info *mapData()
int fd;
//open/create file with read and write permission and check return value
if ((fd = open("accounts", O_RDWR|O_CREAT, 0644)) == -1)
perror("Unable to open account list file.");

//map data to be shared with different processes
Account_Info *accounts = mmap((void*)0, (size_t) 100*(sizeof(Account_Info)), PROT_WRITE,
MAP_SHARED, fd, 0);

int count= 0;

//loop to initialize values of Account_Info struct
while (count != 20)
//bus error occurs here
accounts[count].CurrBalance= 0;
accounts[count].flag = 0;
int i = 0;
while (i != 100)
//place NULL terminator into each element of AccName
accounts[count].AccName[i]= '\0';


return accounts;

Answer Source

A documented cause for SIGBUS with mmap is

Attempted access to a portion of the buffer that does not correspond to the file (for example, beyond the end of the file, including the case where another process has truncated the file).

My guess is that the accounts file didn't exist, so open with O_CREAT created it. But it has zero size, so any attempt to read or write through the mapping will fault. You need to fill the file with enough zeroes (or something else) to cover the mapping, for example using ftruncate.

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