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Swift Question

Error: Immutable value passed on reduce function

I'm trying to do the following code that transforms an array of tuples into a dictionary but I'm receiving a compile error saying:

Immutable value of type '[String : String]' only has mutating members named 'updateValue'

var array = [("key0", "value0"), ("key1", "value1")]
var initial = [String: String]()
var final = array.reduce(initial) { (dictionary, tuple) in
dictionary.updateValue(tuple.0, forKey: tuple.1)
return dictionary

Why is that if initial was declared as var? Does it have to do with @noescape on reduce's signature?

func reduce<U>(initial: U, combine: @noescape (U, T) -> U) -> U

Answer Source

You can simply make the dictionary parameter mutable by preceding it with var:

var final = array.reduce(initial) { (var dictionary, tuple) in

Note however that using reduce a new dictionary is created at each iteration, making the algorithm very inefficient. You might want to consider using a traditional foreach loop

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