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Javascript Question

javascript Map object vs Set object


objects are both iterable objects. Both store object by
[key, value]
pair. I want to know when to use what? Is there any preference one over another?

Answer Source

Provided you are talking about the ES6 types, they aren't the same data structure even though the Set might be implemented with a Map.

Your definition of Map is right, but a Set is a collection of unique values, unlike an array which can have duplicates.

var array = [1, 2, 3, 3];

var set = new Set(array); // Will have [1, 2, 3]
assert(set.size, 3);

var map = new Map();
map.set('a', 1);
map.set('b', 2);
map.set('c', 3);
map.set('C', 3);
map.set('a', 4); // Has: a, 4; b, 2; c: 3, C: 3
assert(map.size, 4);
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