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Determine if iOS device is 32- or 64-bit

Does anyone know of an easy way to tell if an iOS7 device has 32- or 64-bit hardware? I don't mean programmatically, I just mean via settings, model number, 3rd-party app, etc.

I'm having a problem that I suspect is 64-bit related. Apple's advice is to test on the 64-bit simulator but also on an actual 64-bit device, but then doesn't say anything about how to determine that. I can write a test app to check sizeof(int) or whatever, but there's got to be some way for, say, tech support to know what they're working with.


Answer Source

There is no other "official" way to determine it. You can determine it using this code:

if (sizeof(void*) == 4) {
    NSLog(@"32-bit App");
} else if (sizeof(void*) == 8) {
    NSLog(@"64-bit App");
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