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Java Question

Why am I getting syntax checking failed everytime I parse an assignment statement using javacc tool?

I have made a

class and I am trying to pass the string using javacc

The assignment statement is of the form :

Here is the source code


public class AssignStatement

public static void main(String s[])
AssignStatement as=new AssignStatement(;
System.out.println("Syntax checking successfully");

catch(Throwable e)
System.out.println("Syntex checking failed"+e.getMessage());


SKIP: {"" | "\t" | "\n" | "\r" }
TOKEN:{ "(" | ")" | "+" | "*" | ":="| <NUM: (["0"-"9"])+> | <ID:(["0"-"9"])+>

void StartSymbol(): {}

void AStmt(): {}
LOOKAHEAD(2) <ID> "=" AStmt()
| Term() ("+" Term())*

void Term(): {}
Factor() ("*" Factor())*

void Factor(): {}
| <ID>
| "(" AStmt() ")"

The output I got after I did
java AssignStatement

"a=10+20*30" or a=10+20*30

Syntax checking failed error: Bailing out of infinite loop caused by repeated empty string matches at line 1, column 1.

From my point of you there can be 2 possibilities

  1. I am taking input from user wrong [in that case please suggest and also how to take input from a file

  2. My grammar is wrong. Please suggest

Please guide if anyone can?

Answer Source

The problem is on the line

SKIP: {"" | "\t" | "\n" | "\r" }

This says that you want to skip any 0 length strings. The problem is that having found such a token, the lexer removes 0 characters from the input, and then, of course, it finds the same 0 length token and so on ad infinitum.

Perhaps you meant

SKIP: {" " | "\t" | "\n" | "\r" }

Now, on input "a=10+20*30", no regular expression will match and you will get a TokenManagerError.

Matching the empty string has its (rare) uses. This is not one of them.

A second problem is with the rule

TOKEN:{ ... <NUM: (["0"-"9"])+> | <ID:(["0"-"9"])+> }

Since the definition of ID is the same as the definition of NUM, it will never succeed. Perhaps you want something like

TOKEN:{ ... <NUM: (["0"-"9"])+> | <ID:(["a"-"z"])+> }

If you do that you won't get the TokenManagerError on the input "a=10+20*30".

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