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Python Question

Trouble installing venv python 2.7.12

I am currently learning Flask and to do so I have to install

. It installs it normally but after that I have to activate the environment. In the tutorial it says that I have to type this into CMD:

It gives me the error:
"The system cannot find the path specified

I tried to run this and it doesn't work either:


Any help will be really appreciated.

Answer Source

First make sure where your working directory of your project is,lets say you have your venv in a directory called FolderX.Go to the directory's location,hold shift and right click on it then click on "Open terminal here" from the right click option.Now that you have terminal/cmd opened in that directory, type in venv\Scripts\activate.bat or venv\Scripts\activate.Do make sure that you have activate.py or activate.bat in the specific path.

You can also try this if not installed:

 pip install virtualenv

If you have it installed,create another virtual environment for the project.Type these in your terminal:

cd my_project_folder
virtualenv venv
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