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How to hide elements, then reveal them when the DIV holding them gets clicked

This is sort of hard to explain without you seeing it, so I recommend you look at the JSFiddle I posted. So basically when a certain div is clicked it expands down to reveal some inputs and buttons, but the problem I am having is that when the document loads the inputs and buttons are visible, when they should only appear when the DIV they are in expands to reveal them. I have already tried using .hide() in every way possible and cant figure out how to fix it.

<div class='box' id='emailVer'>
<h2 id='payText'>PAYMENT</h2>

<div class='box' id='accCust'>
<h2 id='acText'>ACCOUNT CUSTOMIZATION</h2>

<div class='box' id='pay'>
<h2 id='evText'>EMAIL VERIFICATION</h2>
<div id='inputArea1' class='inputAreas'>
<input id='email' class='evInput'>
<input id='comf' class='evInput'>
<button id='sndCde' class='evBut'>Send Code</button>
<button id='comfBut' class='evBut'>Comfirm</button>


var main = function(){
$('.box').click(function() {
var el = $(this);
if (!el.hasClass('selected')) {
"height": "300px"
}, 200)
} else {
"height": "85px"
}, 200);

I decided to leave the css out of the post as I do not think it matters for the problem I am having.

Answer Source


.inputAreas {
  display: none;

to your css to initially hide them. And then change





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