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Improper conversion from output of atoi to uint8_t

I am trying to read a small integer value (less than 10) to a uint8_t variable. I do it like this

uint8_t myID = atoi(argv[5]);

However when I do this

std::cout << "My ID is "<< myID <<std::endl;

It prints some non-alphanumeric character. There is no issue when myID is of type int. I tried casting explicitly by doing

uint8_t myID = (uint8_t)atoi(argv[5]);

But the results are the same. Could anyone explain why this is the case and if there is any possible solution?

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uint8_t is not a separate data type. On systems that provide it the actual type is aliased to some standard data type, most commonly, an unsigned char.

Operator << provides an overload that takes unsigned char, and prints it as a character. When you are printing your uint8_t variable as an int, cast it to an int for printing:

std::cout << "My ID is "<< int(myID) <<std::endl;
//                         ^^^^^


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