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Intellij Code Completion for all setter/getter methods of local variable object

I did try searching for this, but honestly the terms to actually search are escaping me. A small code snippet followed by the question.

Public class Person {

String firstName;
String lastName;

public void setFirstName(String firstName) {
this.firstName = firstName;

public String getFirstName() {
return firstName;

In another object that uses this person object I would like to be able to expand all the setters methods in Intellij.

public class PersonAssembler {
public static Person assemblePerson(SomeOtherObject someOtherObject) {

Person person = new Person;

//intellj would provide this below.
//end of what intellj provides.

return person;

Is this even possible? I have looked through the keyboard short cuts, etc. I have been using intellij for a while, so just wondered if anyone had some insight on this.

I was hoping for column edit mode, then code completion and perhaps a shift+down arrow to select multiple completions, but no luck. Which is not surprising. I would hate to have to write that in the GUI.

Edit: I added some clarification and honestly forgot about this question. The answers have nothing to do with the actual question if read carefully. I am not speaking of the Generate context menu.

Answer Source

This is an old question, but maybe it helps someone.

Also, it's not a "single-click" action, but...

Steps to follow:

  • Go to Class file
  • Open Structure view (left panel)
  • Select all setters (sort alphabetically if needed) and copy
  • Go back to your destination class/method
  • Paste copied
  • Edit (in column mode) to include person. at the beginning of each class and () at the end.
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