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Java Question

Is it valid to compare a double with an int in java?

Utilities.getDistance(uni, enemyuni) <= uni.getAttackRange()

Utilities.getDistance returns double and getAttackRange returns int. The above code is part of an if statement and it needs to be true. So is the comparison valid?


Answer Source

Yes, it's valid - it will promote the int to a double before performing the comparison.

See JLS section 15.20.1 (Numerical Comparison Operators) which links to JLS section 5.6.2 (Binary Numeric Promotion).

From the latter:

Widening primitive conversion (ยง5.1.2) is applied to convert either or both operands as specified by the following rules:

  • If either operand is of type double, the other is converted to double.

  • ...

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