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flask-security make user always signed in

Im trying to make it so a specific user is always logged in using the flask security extension.

I cant find any docs on this.
Can someone point me in the right direction to start.

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“Remember Me” functionality can be tricky to implement. However, Flask-Login makes it nearly transparent - just pass remember=True to the login_user call. A cookie will be saved on the user’s computer, and then Flask-Login will automatically restore the user ID from that cookie if it is not in the session. The cookie is tamper-proof, so if the user tampers with it (i.e. inserts someone else’s user ID in place of their own), the cookie will merely be rejected, as if it was not there.


The amount of time before the cookie expires, as a datetime.timedelta object. Default: 365 days (1 non-leap Gregorian year)

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