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Firebase temporary ban account

I'm trying to create an app where you'll have to login / register. I'm able to permanently ban a user by creating a value called "Disabled" for his account and set this value to "Yes". Than I'll check each time he logges in if this value is Yes, if it is than he won't be able to login.
Is it possible to temporary ban an account? I was thinking to save the current time when the ban happened and then add the amount of time for the ban. Then check each time the players logges in if the temporary ban value (the time) is higher than the current time, if so the player is still banned. If the value (the time) is lower than the player is unbanned. But I think they just could change this in the settings of their device.

Is there any other way to do this?

Answer Source

You can disable a user's account through the Firebase Admin SDK. But that won't automatically sign out the user. It will just prevent them from signing in again.

To prevent the user from making unauthorized changes, you'll probably also want to add a blacklist of disabled users to your database:

  uid1: <banned-until-timestamp>
  uid2: <banned-until-timestamp>
  uid3: <banned-until-timestamp>

Then you can check this list from your security rules:

".write": "!root.child('bannedUsers').child(auth.uid).exists() || 
            root.child('bannedUsers').child(auth.uid).val() < now"
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