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Python Question

how to install lpsolve module for Python on Linux Ubuntu 10.04?

I am using Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit, and started learning python today.(I tried to install a pirate version of MATLAB but failed...)
I have a linear programming problem to solve, and I want to use lp_solve module for Python.
I tried for 1~2 hours to find the download file and install the module.

I am not sure if I downloaded a right thing, and I could not install it until now.

How can I install this?
There is no download link in, and it tells me to run a command

python install

but there is no file in anywhere, including the lpsolve source file I downloaded somewhere.

If you know where to download it, and install it, could you teach me how to do them, step by step?

I am not sure about the version of my Python.

Thank you.

Answer Source

The download link is:

Once you have it installed, you may need to tweak your PYTHONPATH.

You also may want to look into cvexp:

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