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Facebook FBSDKLoginButtonDelegate loginButton function syntax error

i'm using Xcode8 and swift 3. So I fully converted my project to the latest syntax and now i get the error:

'Error' is ambiguous for type lookup in this context

in the function:

func loginButton(_ loginButton: FBSDKLoginButton!, didCompleteWith result: FBSDKLoginManagerLoginResult!, error: Error!) {
//do stuff

The function in FBSDK declared as follows:

- (void) loginButton:(FBSDKLoginButton *)loginButton
didCompleteWithResult:(FBSDKLoginManagerLoginResult *)result
error:(NSError *)error;

so I tried to change Error type to NSError but i get the other error:

'SignInViewController' does not conform to protocol 'FBSDKLoginButtonDelegate'

I don't know what to do. Any help is appreciated!

Answer Source

I found that i've imported RealmSwift that have their own Error struct. So the solution is to use Swift.Error instead of just Error. Hope this helps to anybody.