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Android Question

How to draw points images on edge of circle of image

enter image description here

I'm really stuck on how to go about programming this. How to draw a circle in

Android Canvas
with a radius and points around the edge?

What is best approach to design this?

Answer Source

Well; drawing a circle is a very straightforward, inside your onDraw() method add this line

canvas.drawCircle(cX, cY, radius, paint); 

Simply provide the center point's x and y values and radius and paint object as well.

And for the pins around the corner you can go like this, e.g you want a pin at 30 degrees; with a simple trigonometric calculation, your pin's x and y values can be these;

pX= mX + radius * cos(30);
pY= mY + radius * sin(30);

So you can draw your pin at these x and y values respectively, also the degree can be changed.

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