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ActiveMQ delayed delivery of messages in Spring Boot

My question is really similar to Spring JMS(ActiveMQ) delayed delivery of messages but more correlated to the spring-boot auto configurer

I'm trying to use the

method, but it throws a
java.lang.IllegalStateException: setDeliveryDelay requires JMS 2.0

I tried to find the right property from but couldn't find the broker schedulerSupport option.

Currently, my is empty, and my JmsListenerContainerFactory is defined as follows

public JmsListenerContainerFactory<?> myFactory(ConnectionFactory connectionFactory,
DefaultJmsListenerContainerFactoryConfigurer configurer) {
DefaultJmsListenerContainerFactory factory = new DefaultJmsListenerContainerFactory();

configurer.configure(factory, connectionFactory);
return factory;

And my pom only contains


With the spring-boot-starter-parent in 1.4.1.RELEASE

The question is: Is it possible to set the schedulerSupport to true using SpringBoot configurations?

In case it's needed, here are my Sender

public void send(String message) {
System.out.println("Im sending this message " + message);
jmsTemplate.convertAndSend(Beans.QUEUE_NAME, message);

and Receiver

@JmsListener(destination = Beans.QUEUE_NAME, containerFactory = "myFactory")
public void receiveMessage(String message) {
System.out.println("Received this message <" + message + ">");

thanks in advance

Update: I tried put it in the message properties, like the documentation , but it doesn't work

public MessageConverter messageConverter() {
MessageConverter converter = new MessageConverter(){
public Message toMessage(Object object, Session session) throws JMSException, MessageConversionException {
if (!(object instanceof MyPojo)) {
throw new MessageConversionException("not agreed Pojo!");
MyPojo pojo = (MyPojo) object;

Message message = session.createTextMessage(pojo.getMessage());
message.setLongProperty(ScheduledMessage.AMQ_SCHEDULED_DELAY, pojo.getScheduledWait());
return message;
public Object fromMessage(Message message) throws JMSException, MessageConversionException {
return message;
return converter;


I don't know if it's cheating, but what solved the problem for me was change the starter from activemq to artemis (

Apparently, spring configures, by default, the Artemis to the JMS 2.0 interface. This way you have access to setDeliveryDelay method.