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JSON Question

Regex Get Rid of Hyphens Between Quotes

I get a json string back from a device, the string has hyphens in the defintion names and I want to remove that...

Current I have


But that gets everything within "": I want only the hyphen in there, not all the text. I know I am close just having trouble because regex always confuses me. Below I would like to correct serial-number to serialnumber but not value-2....help!

"result": {
"Response": {
"info": {
"serial-number": "xyz",
"value1": "value-2",

Answer Source

You can match


And then replace with just the two submatches. See http://www.regexpal.com/?fam=95143

This is the sort of js code that should work:

json = json.replace(/"([^"]*)-([^"]*)":/g,'"$1$2"');

Here's another version, using a lookahead:

json = json.replace(/-(?=[^"]*":)/g,"");

This assumes there's never a space between the closing " and the :

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