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Javascript Question

Stoping countdown timer Javascript and invoking action

I'm using this library to run a counter in JavaScript: https://github.com/mckamey/countdownjs

Here is what I have in my view:

<p id="countdown-holder", style="font-size:18px;"></p>

var clock = document.getElementById("countdown-holder")
, targetDate = new Date(2015, 12, 10);

clock.innerHTML = countdown(targetDate).toString();
clock.innerHTML = countdown(targetDate).toString();
}, 1000);

Currently, when the countdown finishes, it starts counting upwards.

How do I get the counter to stop when it hits 0 and display an

ray ray
Answer Source

Inside your interval function check to see if Date.now() is greater than targetDate. If so, clear the timeout and display an alert.

var clock = document.getElementById("countdown-holder")  
var targetDate = new Date(2015, 7, 7);

var intervalId = setInterval(function(){
    if(Date.now() >= targetDate) {
    clock.innerHTML = (targetDate)
  }, 1000);
<div id="countdown-holder">

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