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Python Question

Python function not working a second time

def equip(item):
x = True
while x == True:
if len(bag_sword) > 1:
print "You can't have 2 weapons equipped!"
if len(bag_chest) > 1:
print "You can't have 2 chestplates equipped!"
if len(bag_gloves) > 1:
print "You can't have 4 gloves equipped!"
if len(bag_helmet) > 1:
print "You can't have 2 helmets equipped!"

if item == "iron sword" and "iron sword" in bag:
print "\nYou equip the Iron Sword"
bag.remove("iron sword")
bag_sword.append("iron sword")

Whenever I run this function a second time after I put "iron sword" into one of the
s, and try to add another to test it, it doesn't do anything and the code completely freezes.

s are all lists.

My guess was the while loop was stuck and it wasn't changing the length whenever I put something into the list in-game, because that's not how the language works?

Answer Source

Once you added a sword to the bag, none of your conditions are true. Your len(bag_sword) is exactly 1, (so if len(bag_sword) > 1: won't be matched), and 'iron sword' in bag is false.

Because none of your if statements match, no break is executed and your while loop goes on forever.

You don't want to test if there is more than one item in your bag_sword. Test if there is any item in that bag:

if bag_sword:  # true if not empty
    print "You can't have 2 weapons equipped!"

because you are testing before adding a second weapon.

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