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Python Question

How do you get Python documentation in Texinfo Info format?

Since Python 2.6, it seems the documentation is in the new reStructuredText format, and it doesn't seem very easy to build a Texinfo Info file out of the box anymore.

I'm an Emacs addict and prefer my documentation installed in Info.

Does anyone have Python 2.6 or later docs in Texinfo format? How did you convert them? Or, is there a maintained build somewhere out there?

I know I can use w3m or haddoc to view the html docs - I really want them in Info.

I've played with Pandoc but after a few small experiments it doesn't seem to deal well with links between documents, and my larger experiment - running it across all docs cat'ed together to see what happens - is still chugging along two days since I started it!

Answer Source

I've packaged up the Python docs as a texinfo file.

If you're using Emacs with MELPA, you can simply install this with M-x package-install python-info.

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