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How to Spell-Check LaTeX in multiple languages / language variants

I am writing a PhD Thesis / Dissertation and would like to be able to spell-check the thing. The problem is that I'm required to write it in UK English, while many of my quotations are written in US English. This makes spell-checking quite a pain.

Is there a way to tag sections of LaTeX text as being UK English / US English, and have a spell-checker either respond to that tagging or skip the sections which aren't in the particular language variant?

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Here are some example uses:

  untex myfile.tex
  untex file1 file2 file3
  spelltex myfile.tex
  spelltex file1 file2 file3

If the environment variable SPELLDIR is defined, it gives the directory containing the local spelling file to be used, otherwise "British" spelling is used.

So at least that way you could run different spell checkers on different files, assuming you've split up your document on chapters or similar?

Alternatively, just run it twice - once in each English, and there can't be that many errors. You could even add a txt file of words to ignore, or even add them to the 'custom' dictionary for the spellcheckers...

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