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Modify ruby hash in place( rails strong params)

This may be more a ruby question then rails question but I'm pretty sure I was able to do this in a vanilla ruby application.

I have strong params defined.

def trip_params
params.require(:trip).permit(:name, :date)

Now I get those params in a controller method. I want to do this.

def save
trip_params[:name] = 'Modifying name in place'
#trip_params[:name] still equals original value passed

This never works. Name never changes.
BTW: The type of trip_params is ActionController::Parameters

If I do a standard ruby script, it works.

test = {}
test[:name] = "blah"
test[:name] = "ok"
puts test #{:name=>"ok"}

Answer Source

permit returns a new hash with those keys in it, so you're not modifying the real params variable. You're also not saving a reference to the hash trip_params returns, so you get it fresh each call in save.

Try this:

def save
  tp = trip_params
  tp[:name] = 'Modifying name in place'
  # ... use tp later, it'll be in there

Or, if you really want it to be used the way you previously did, modify trip_params like so:

def trip_params
  @trip_params ||= params.require(:trip).permit(:name, :date)

Now that hash is lazily cached and the same one is returned on subsequent trip_params calls.

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