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Javascript Question

ajax response byte size

I'm using jQuery's getJSONP and I want to log the duration of the call and the size of the response to be able to have some statistics about the usage of my application.
This is a cross domain ajax call, so I need to use JSONP, but as the JSONP call is not done with an XMLHttpRequest object, the complete callback from jquery's ajax doesn`t pass the response content.

So my question is how to get the response size (content lenght) from a JSONP call.

log(x.responseText.length, x.responseText);

here x is a XMLHttpRequest object for a JSON call , but for JSONP call is undefined.

Answer Source

you can get the "Content-Length" of the response header:

var contentsize;
         contentsize = request.getResponseHeader("Content-Length")/1024;
         //do stuff with your data
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