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iBeacon Accuracy While Android Device In Motion

I am testing out a positioning system using iBeacon and Altbeacon. I have found that my triangulation results are actually pretty accurate, but sometimes it takes upwards of 5 seconds to see the proper results.

For example, say I am currently standing at Point A. Altbeacon + my triangulation has me properly placed very close to Point A. However, when I move 5 meters away to Point B, I remain around Point A for around 6 seconds and all of the sudden I snap into place right near Point B. Is this an issue with Altbeacon, or possibly the communication between my iBeacons and my Android tablet?

Note: I am using a Kindle Fire 10, running FireOS 5.1.1 on top of Android. The Bluetooth iBeacon technology is BLE, and broadcasts at around 1Hz.

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The issue of time lag that you describe may be caused by averaging intervals on the signal measurement. You do not say what scanning framework you are using, or if you are using raw RSSI or a distance estimate as input to your algorithm. The Android Beacon Library by default uses a 20 second averaging interval (configurable) for its distance estimates. Other framework's use similar averaging.

Reducing the averaging interval will lessen the lag, but increase the noise as an input to your algorithm.

EDIT: To reduce the distance estimate sampling interval to 3 seconds from the default 20 seconds, call:

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