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Change unhandled exception auto-generated catch code in Eclipse?

If I have unhandled exception in Java, Eclipse proposes two options to me: (1) add throws declaration and (2) surround with try/catch.

If I choose (2) it adds a code

try {
} catch (MyUnhandledException e) {
// TODO Auto-generated catch block

I want to change this to

try {
} catch (MyUnhandledException e) {
throw new RuntimeException(e);

Is this possible?


Why are so love to change the topic people???

If exception is catched and printed it is also no need to catch it anymore. I like my application to crash if I forget to handle an exception by mistake. So, I like to rethrow it by default.

Answer Source

Yes, you can change the default code added by Eclipse.

  1. In Preferences, navigate to Java>Code Style>Code Templates.
  2. Under Code, select Catch block body.
  3. Press the Edit button to change the code. When finished, press the OK button.

Consider adding a TODO comment in the default catch block. For example, the default includes:

     // ${todo} Auto-generated catch block
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